This video is way too long, I know. I learned that through not only having too many files when recording but also putting this together. However, if you want to know about the Sia situation and what I learned regarding some information that I think is helpful to more fully understand where she is coming from, then you’ll hopefully be fairly informed by the end of this video.

A lot of people in the autistic community were upset with the trailer for Sia’s upcoming movie, Music, because Maddie Ziegler is playing the main character role of an autistic girl while she herself is not autistic.

Sia Variety Interview:
Maddie Ziegler Marie Clarie Interview:
Sia saying she wrote *a* movie for Ziegler in 2015:
The unfortunate Twitter exchange:
Maddie Ziegler to be in Sia’s Movie “Sister”:
Tweet regarding casting:
More Sia Tweets:


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