In this public talk as part of the 2018 CTM Festival, and held at the Red Bull Music Studios in Berlin, Delgado-López and Görl of DAF recalled the singular-minded drive that pushed them away from scenes, their sessions with Conny Plank and the benefits of knowing when to quit.

2:30 – Beginnings in Dûsseldorf
9:25 – Making music with no tradition
20:39 – “Räuber und Prinz”
27:03 – Working with Conny Plank
33:44 – Minimalism and the DAF sound
42:40 – Quitting at the top

22:35 – DAF – “Der Räuber und der Prinz” live

Known as the fathers of EBM and forefathers of electro-punk, the Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, AKA DAF, formed in 1978 when Gabriel “Gabi” Delgado-López and Robert Görl met in Düsseldorf. The duo took a stripped-down approach that fused classical training with punk spirit, early Korg synthesizers with drums and irreverence with self-determination. The result was music that couldn’t be ignored and that sought to erase any traces of existing traditions to instead forge its own existence. Across four albums released in the early ’80s, all mixed by Conny Plank, the band laid down a blueprint for the electronic and dance music that would follow them. Quitting while at the top of their popularity, they continued to have solo careers and have reunited as DAF on various occasions.

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