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Few people have shaped the sound of modern music like Herb Powers Jr. Renowned around the world for his deep pumping bass and crisp highs that feel so close you can almost touch them, Herb’s mastering at Frankford/Wayne, Hit Factory, and now his own PM Entertainment has set the bar for the very highest definition audio.

In his 2013 Red Bull Music Academy lecture, New York’s supreme mastering engineer explained how he gets the best sound, hands down.

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While Herb masters across all styles of music, his trademark touches have defined the sound of disco, house, R&B and hip-hop since the late ’70s. Aside from the music, and his pursuit of cutting records as loud as possible, perhaps his most recognizable legacy is the vinyl graffiti he wrote in the dead wax of the records he cut.

Finding the inscription ‘Herbie Jr’ and a smiley face on your 12″ single is a hand-written mark of quality. Aside from spreading the love, it’s also a portrait of an audiophile who understands that great mastering isn’t just about frequencies: it’s about getting inside the track and catching the vibe of the music.

07:00 – Mastering school
12:31 – Vinyl time limits
21:48 – Planet Rock
29:00 – Attending sessions
51:00 – Before/after mastering
58:45 – Loudness wars

22:24 – Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force – “Planet Rock”
51:48 – Lalah Hathaway – “On Your Own” (unmastered/mastered)
51:48 – Unknown – unknown (unmastered/mastered)
51:48 – Emily King – “Moon” (unmastered/mastered)
51:48 – Kool & the Gang – “Steppin’ Into Love” (unmastered/mastered)

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