In this Irish tin whistle lesson, you can learn the fun & simple session tune ‘The Kerry Polka’ as well as getting some top technique tips. This tune is the first in our 50 TUNE CHALLENGE where we challenge you to learn a new tune every week.

Starting this St Patrick’s Day (17th March 2020), we invite you to join us here at OAIM for a challenge to learn 50 popular Irish session tunes in a year; that is a tune a week – with two weeks off!

The goal is to create a habit of practice, a commitment of playing your instrument often, and of challenging you to broaden your repertoire within a given time frame.

Share your progress with the hashtag #OAIM50 (Week 1 = Tune 1 and so on).

These 50 tune tutorials have been picked from OAIM’s broad range of courses and tutors. Sample different lessons and teachers, and challenge yourself to learn from instruments different to your own. You can use the ABC notation or staff notation to guide you as the tutor breaks down each phrase of the tune.

Let’s create a common repertoire of tunes we can all play together! CHALLENGE YOURSELF!

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Irish music tutorials from the Online Academy of Irish Music