French institution Laurent Garnier discusses everything from approaching techno like a jazz musician to the role of radio in his early musical discoveries in his 2015 RBMA Lecture. #RBMA #house #DJ

05:54 – The role of radio
15:22 – The Haçendia
21:24 – House in Manchester
30:21 – Long sets
44:16 – Video
54:04 – A jazz approach

44:14 – Laurent Garnier – Flashback (Directed by Quentin Dupieux)
49:57 – Laurent Garnier – Acid Eiffel (Les Victoires de la Musique ’98)

One of the forefathers of modern French electronic music, Laurent Garnier grew up fascinated by American black music culture. Lucky enough to have an older brother who would sneak him into nightclubs, it was in those gay French establishments that Garnier first caught the disco bug. From there, he moved to Manchester, and fell under the spell of house music at the famed Haçienda nightclub. If Mike Pickering’s Friday nights at the Hacienda were a baptism, hearing Farley “Jackmaster” Funk for the first time was a legitimate miracle, and Garnier came away from the club a true zealot of house. It was at the Haçienda Garnier first began to DJ in earnest, eventually leading to a well-earned reputation for eclectic, marathon sets as well as establishing himself as a legitimate producer/A+R in his role at F Communications.

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