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Maseo of De La Soul sat down for Boombox’s 5th annual celebration of the life and music of J Dilla in Los Angeles.

In his discussion with Cognito from Frolab, Maseo discussed the art of the posse cut, sampling, meeting J Dilla, and more.

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12:53 – Breakthrough tracks
14:35 – What happened to the art of the posse cut?
22:30 – On sampling
28:10 – Group identity
37:33 – Meeting J Dilla
52:30 – Gang culture

1:21 – De La Soul – “Me Myself and I”
14:18 – De La Soul – “Buddy”
33:16 – De La Soul – “Ego Trippin’ (Part Two)”
43:40 – De La Soul – “Stakes Is High”

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