Enjoy 1 hours of relaxing instrumental Turkish and Ottoman Nay Sufi music. You can use it for relax, sleeping, studying, etc. On this channel you can find a lot of peaceful, emotional, instrumental, new-age, ambient, lullaby, classical, soft, romantic, chillout, gentle, positive and sad, soothing background music and relaxing nature sounds & noises (birds sounds, water noises, fire crackling, etc). It can be used for deep relaxation, sleep, study, reading, working, meditation, concentration, spa, stress relief, yoga, therapy, healing, zen. Listen it to relax your mind and yourself.

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Beautiful Turkish Ney Flute Music, Sufi Islamic Song: Ottoman Music

▾ Kanun&Guitar, Vol.2: Instrumental Turkish Music ♫ ᴴᴰ

▾ Instrumental 2 Hour

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