School throughout much of the world is an inefficient, ineffective, and downright harmful experience for the majority of students who attend it. This episode of WE/US/OURS discusses why this is, what needs to be changed in the system, and how we might approach building a more effective and enjoyable system of education.

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Introduction: 0:00
Massive Inefficiency & Massive Impact: 0:54
Immediate Contradictions: 3:50
Humanize School: 5:59
It’s Not Getting Better: 12:26
Propaganda: 14:09
Memories Fade Away: 18:35
Solutions: 20:17
Self-Learning: 23:11
Personal Experience: 25:48
More Inefficiency: 34:13
Informal is Better: 36:44
Profit: 38:48
Age Means Nothing: 41:01
Hope: 42:08
Conclusion: 43:31
Afterward: 44:30
Credits: 45:39