With Sia Music Movie coming out soon, I found out that Sia spoke out about the bad repetition the Sia “Music” Movie Trailer got from the autism community. But with Sia now talking about the autism movie’s controversy, I decided to see what she said in the article following my previous video on this new autism movie.

Sia’s Movie “Music” is set to release in February 2021 and I want to review “Music” when I can. Would you want to see me do a review on Sia’s Movie? Also, what is your opinion on Sia speaking out about the backlash from the autism community?

As Sia’s Movie represents the autism community, there was a lot of backlash and I made a video giving my thoughts on the situation at the time. But I wanted to clarify some of my points made in the first Sia Music Movie Backlash video, Sia’s involvement with autism speaks, talk about the petition to get “Music” canceled, and more.

Previous video on Sia Music Movie Backlash (Why Autistic People Are Mad With Sia):

Sia Article:

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