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In this session, the Bronx’s Slick Rick talked about his inspirations, playing characters on record, and making his seminal album The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick.

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As part of the RBMA World Tour 2011, five hip-hop legends – each representing one of the five boroughs of New York, the birthplace of hip-hop – took to the couch over five days, discussing five legendary albums.

2:42 – Early inspirations
24:33 – Production
38:52 – Playing characters
44:28 – Reflecting on the album
48:59 – Funkmaster Flex

19:00 – Slick Rick – “Treat Her Like a Prostitute”
22:51 – Slick Rick – “The Ruler’s Back”
27:49 – Slick Rick – “Children’s Story”
29:46 – Slick Rick – “Moment I Feared”
33:05 – Slick Rick – “Let’s Get Crazy”
34:13 – Slick Rick – “Indian Girl (An Adult Story)”
35:53 – Slick Rick – “Teenage Love”
38:28 – Slick Rick – “Mona Lisa”
39:58 – Slick Rick – “Kit” (What’s The Scoop)
40:51 – Slick Rick – “Hey Young World”
42:55 – Slick Rick – “Teacher Teacher”

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