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Want to know where names like Nas and The Notorious B.I.G. were introduced to the world? Look no further than The Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show. The independent late-night radio show hosted everyone who was anyone in rap throughout the ’90s.

Legendary NYC radio figures Stretch (the DJ) and Bobbito (the MC) talked about hosting rap starts before anyone knew about them, their bizarre listeners and how they earned the title ”the greatest hip-hop radio show of all time” in this public RBMA Lecture in 2012.

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It’s gone but certainly not forgotten by a legion of online fans, who still trade tapes of legendary episodes.

1:17 – Early hip-hop radio and New York style
22:25 – Breaking acts and the ’90s hip-hop community
29:04 – Masochistic callers
37:24 – Jay-Z and Big L freestyle
41:10 – Favorite episodes
45:11 – The end of the show

37:12 – Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito radio show Big L & Jay-Z freestyle
45:01 – Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito radio show Nas freestyle

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