When Dr. Alexandra Park’s Federal Grant is not renewed to keep her inner-city teen activity center from financial distress, she turns to a musical fundraiser to cure her problems.

Written and Directed by Marc Mouton
Starring Lili-Kayy Park, Jake Landry, Chaislyn Jane,Juan Carlos Hernandez, Mike Rase, Roxanne Marchand, Marc Mouton

Lili-Kayy Park as Dr. Alexandra Park
Marc Mouton as Marc Benson
Abigail Duhon as Abigail
Hannah Hope Holt as Hope (as Hannah Chenevert)
Justin Ebenhack as Justin
Juan Carlos Hernandez as Juan Carlos
Hannah Daigle as Hannah
Holly Laviolette as Holly
Daniel Wellmeier as Danny
Charis Gullage as Charis
Davis Cheramie as Davis
Noah Bartel as Noah