The Harry Potter Movies Almost Looked A Lot Different
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Welcome back, ScreenRanters! Prepare to have your noggins unlocked with trivia as good as uttering “Alohomora”. Harry Potter is well-known for attracting some of the biggest names in the acting world. However, a lot of those actors weren’t actually the first choice for characters. Instead, they were further back in the thespian queue. Dumbledore, Voldemort, Hagrid, and many others could have been very different. Even Daniel Radcliffe being cast as Potter wasn’t safe! Today, we’re going to look at the rumours and confirmed stories of other actors that could have appeared in the Warner Brothers franchise!

There are many actors that, for one reason or another, weren’t in the JK Rowling film saga. Some are down to their agents taking the choice away. Some are because of their nationality. Some because their audition went poorly. Whatever the reason, it’s interesting to see what could have been. Now, who can you expect to see today? Well, we have Kate Winslet, who was due to make her H.P bow. We also have Tilda Swinton before her Marvel fame. On the other side, we have Superman actor, Henry Cavill, too. There’s also Sir Ian McKellen in between Lord Of The Rings filming. Newt Scamander actor, Eddie Redmayne, from Fantastic Beasts could have played a very different role. Haley Joel Osment from the Sixth Sense could have portrayed an important role! There’s also Robin Williams, Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, and Hugh Grant! So, before you search for your letter to Hogwarts, check out this magical video today!

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