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Panel: Evolution of Music at the Age of Technology / جلسة حوارية: تطوّر الموسيقى في عصر التكنولوجيا

Conversations about music and technology couldn’t be complete without discussing the power of streaming platforms. Streaming music has arrived in a major way. It’s become the preferred medium of music consumption and a key growth engine for music industry sales, accounting for 62% of the U.S. music business. The new user adoption rate for streaming is currently around 1 million new subscribers for streaming services per month, which is tiny compared to the number of people who actually listen to music, but that growth rate is still bigger than every other category of recorded music business. The panel will discuss the impact of adopting new technologies on the industry and how it has changed in the last decade with the presence of all the streaming and label giants.

Ahmed Nureni, VP – Business Development, Qanawat
أحمد نيوريني، نائب الرئيس – التطوير الاداري، قنوات
Moe Hamze, Managing Director – Middle East, Warner Music
مو حمزة، المدير الاداري، Warner Music الشرق الاوسط
Mohamed Gaber, VP – Strategy, Mazzika Group
محمد جابر، نائب الرئيس، مازيكا جروب
Rami Zeidan, VP Partnerships, Anghami
رامي زيدان، نائب الرئيس للشراكات، أنغامي
Richard FitzGerald, Founder and Managing Director, Augustus – Publishers of Lovin Dubai & Lovin Saudi
المحاور: ريتشارد فيزجيرالد، المؤسس والمدير، أوغسطس