Last night the autistic internet exploded with talk about the release of Sia’s upcoming movie music after the release of the trailer and a Twitter conversation that really could not have gone any worse. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the trailer. I didn’t really expect to feel any way in particular and really didn’t expect to feel strongly when I watched it. But I did. So today I talk about. And then in Part 2 I’ll show you the video Sadie made.

Because Sadie really, really wanted to make a sit down video that was all her own. And so I let her. And I think it’s pretty awesome she has such strong opinions and convictions. As soon as I publish this one, that one will be going up too.

Welcome to Autmazing! We talk a lot about autism around here because as a family with at least four kids and a mom and dad on the autism spectrum we believe that autism acceptance is extremely important. We also post family vlogs daily, about our lives. You’ll get glimpses of what’s going on at the moment in our lives, usually in a little town in Michigan, or in the nearby city that Paul works in.

We are a family of 7, with a Mom named Cammie and a Dad named Paul. Sadie is 12, Maggie is 10, Patrick is 8, James is 6, and Tessie is now 4!

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