The Top 10 Malayalam Films countdown based exclusively on IMDb scores as available in the official sorted list.

Check out 2013’s Top 10 list here:

As I mentioned in that video description, by referring to IMDb alone, the list is inherently flawed. Malayalam films are not properly listed on IMDb and the voting count is very low to consider this the ultimate list. Putting an eligibility of minimum 100 votes will unfortunately keep many good, lesser seen films off the list, but such a cut off makes the list more credible by presenting a more popular choice. But this list also turned out quite well despite minor flaws.

For me, 2014 was a step down from 2013 for Malayalam cinema. The quality of films was generally lower and it reflects in the IMDb rating as well. The positive side was the emergence of experimental films treating rare subgenres and themes. Let’s hope for a better 2015.

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