The Foundation Courses are part-time programmes and consist of 5 Western Departments, Hindustani Vocals and a DJ Department, each designed to enhance your skills through both theory and performance.

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The True School of Music (TSM) is India’s first and foremost music-training institute. It has been instructing music industry professionals since 2013 and is the gold standard for educating future artistes. producers, sound engineers, composers, DJ’s and music business executives, readying them for a career in India’s burgeoning music scene. With international faculty, world standard curriculum, state of the art facilities and unrivalled industry connections, TSM has established itself as the vanguard of modern music training in India.

Located in Mumbai, TSM beats at the very heart of India’s entertainment capital. It is a centre of eclectic culture, vibrant collaboration, unique creativity and solid community. We welcome beginners to advanced learners, hobbyists to serious players. Whatever your ambition, we have a course that will get you there!

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