Here’s a quickie version of what I said in the video:

*What You Need:*
Webcam – Desktop or laptop are better, but a smartphone works.
Video call – Use Skype or Zoom (or FaceTime on Mac)
Internet connection – Aim for 5Mbps UP.
Audio – Simpler is better, if you can run everything into one mic, do it!

*How Teaching Online is Different:*
Latency: Because there’s a slight delay on video calls, you CAN’T play along with your students. By the time they hear you, there’s a delay (called “latency”), and then it gets doubled on its way back when you’re hearing them.

Rhythm: Time expands and compresses on a call so you can’t judge student rhythm very well. Using a metronome on THEIR end helps, but if rhythm/groove is an important part of your lesson flow, consider having the student record themselves in advance.

Noise filtering: The way sound is processed on video calls will make it hard to judge student tone, so that’s another thing you’re better off having them record in advance (or during the lesson). It also makes a mess out of low bass notes. 🙁

Getting paid through Venmo and Paypal both work, just make sure the student uses the “friends and family” option on Paypal to avoid fees being taken out (no such issues on Venmo).

And writing a quick template email with all the info a new student would need from you will save you some time.

I hope this helps you, please share with a music teacher who might need it! Be well. ❤️