At the 2016 Red Bull Music in Montréal, we asked studio team member Iron Galaxy to show us around the (still!) highly sought Jupiter-8 synthesizer.

The Jupiter-8 is among the finest, most versatile analog synthesizers ever to be devised. Put on the market in 1981 by Roland, you can hear it throughout the Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Martin Gaye’s Midnight Love and more ’80s synth pop bands than you’d care to know (Duran Duran, Heaven 17, Talk Talk among them). The secret to the synth’s success is its aforementioned versatility, plus the undeniable fatness of sound. (Its an eight-voice synth, hence the name.)

00:48 – All and dual modes
04:54 – LFO and oscillators
9:37 – Filters
11:55 – Unison mode
13:13 – Pitch bender
15:20 – Arpeggios
17:09 – Working with an 808 and SH-101
28:30 – Sweet spot
32:14 – Syncing VCOs and cross mod

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