This is my original composition video for the 2021 Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation scholarships!

Since I watched the video Tadow by FKJ & Masego I knew I wanted to create a live looping song. This song is very meaningful to me because I believe it is the perfect blend between modern music with my traditional cultural elements. This song speaks about the Native Bolivians and is intended to work as a call to action to reflect on our own behaviors, and as a way to cherish my Bolivian roots. I accomplished this song by Incorporating Music technology, Bolivian flute (Quenacho), Hip-Hop, and Live Looping elements to craft a modern unique Fusion that happens in real time.

A huge thank you to Trevor Sejnoha for the amazing video!
Mixing By Sharaf Entwistle

A special thank you to Dakota Music Academy and Andrew Grandpre for letting me use the facilities!