Legowelt’s tracks are all just little adventures. The Hague’s man of many guises realized early on that he could make his own version of techno without living in America, and he set about turning his “little adventures” into music with his collection of vintage synths. In this talk at the 2005 Red Bull Music Academy in Seattle, Legowelt guides us through his favorite Hague records, how he works with his multiple aliases and the strange relationship with his most famous track, “Disco Rout.”

01:35 – The Hague
07:26 – Unit Moebius
16:24 – Bunker Records
17:50 – Working with different aliases
23:24 – Vintage synthesisers

01:06 – Legowelt – “The Nomium Syndrome”
08:53 – Unit Moebius – “World Turns Round”
15:37 – Legowelt – “Pussy Electronics”
20:02 – Gladio – “Slave of Rome”
27:30 – Legowelt vs. Orgue Electronique – “Haunted ARP”
32:28 – Smackos – “The Age of Candy Candy”

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