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Matmos is widely respected for their sonic adventures at the vanguard of electronic music. The Baltimore duo of Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt have made a career out of sampling strange and corporeal sounds, including the sound of vacuum-cleaned body fat.

In their 2010 Red Bull Music Academy lecture, Daniel and Schmidt discuss everything from working with Björk and sampling to their 2008 album Supreme Balloon.

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00:34 – Medical technology
06:34 – Drew & Martin
17:20 – Sampling
29:31 – Working with Björk
44:02 – Supreme Balloon
49:21 – The concept

00:34 – Matmos – “Lipostudio… And So On”
22:09 – Matmos – “This Is…”
31:03 – Björk – “Aurora”
45:22 – Matmos – “Cloudhopper”
49:17 – Coupigny synthesizer examples
51:30 – Matmos at San Francisco Art Institute

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