This freedom music is about the present time in history (2014) and the age shift for the new earth’s future.
The title of the tune is: Transition (recorded with 432 Hz tuning), it is a kind of soundtrack of our time.

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The performing group is Quantum 4:
Alessia Obino – voice
Filippo Vignato – trombone
Marco Ponchiroli – piano and keyboard
Pietro Valente – drums and tibetan bowls

Special Guest:
Paola Zannoni – cello (#1, #4, #5, #7)

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Transition (432 Hz) introduction:
The idea is to represent the transition from the present time history to the future new earth freedom, i did that by composing two different tunes and i put them together but i make the instrument to shift from the old to the new music one at a time. In this way there is an in between part with two very different tunes at the same time…that is going to be crazy…but think about it…this is exactly what is going on in the earth now: the new energy is pushing to let the human consciousness to evolve and the old dominators are struggling to hold the power… but they will fail, they have no chance in the future age and at the end of this video you will hear the beautiful music of freedom.

To benefit the 432 Hertz recording I suggest to use headphones.

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The video contains clips from V For Vendetta, The Longest Day and The Venus Project.