PARODY Marvel’s Avenger #3 – Age of Ultron Music Video Parody, Ft. Peter Hollens – Movie Scene Play HD

Avengers, the earth’s mightiest heroes including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye are put to the ultimate test by singing in their first music video. Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Music Video Parody

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Music Video Lyrics

Let me show you a place where everything’s wonderful.
We never lose a girlfriend. Where you gotta be hot if you wanna fight crime… My hair.
My abs Sometimes life gets dangerous when there’s a new bad guy. But we’re not scared, and I’ll tell you why.
Jarvis, drop a beat.
‘Cause there’s no world like the Avengers’
Where everything’s alright.
You know the bad guy the moment you see him Always a man and always white.
That offends me.
When Justice League comes ‘round We know we’ll be preferred ‘Cause there’s no place as perfect as the Avengers’ World.
Let me show you a world that’s always appropriate
‘Cause I got my special stretchy pants.
Where the only romance I want is one dance.
And he doesn’t even get it. Where guy with goatees are friendly. And science geeks are buff.
No one needs a secret identity Except Black Widow, who did some bad stuff.
Shhh. ‘Cause there’s no world like the Avengers’ Where there’s not much to avenge.
Where radiation poisoning’s a good thing.
And your wounds all magically mend! And we’ll make bank on heroes whose names you’ve never heard.
‘Cause no one else turns a profit like the Avengers’ World. Welcome to a world of civilians Who are all in mortal danger But you never really see any die.
A world where Tony Stark created Ultron ‘Cause things are so perfect that we gotta make our own bad guy.
And yes there are some problems with SHIELD.
Not this shield! But their cover-ups are sloppier than what’s beneath this patch.
Gross. So feast your eyes on a world so groovy That a female superhero can get her own movie! Guys come on, you all have your own.
‘Cause there’s… No world like the Avengers! Where no one’s really dead We brought back Bucky Barnes, Coulson, Loki and Fury.
And fans don’t feel misled.
And this movie’s not out but we’ve all signed for a third So you can bet no one’s dying in the Avengers’ World Yes, you can bet nobody’s dying in the Avengers’ World.