Techno producer Peder Mannerfelt retraces his steps from teenage bedrooms to Berghain, touching on influences, production and performance approaches and the politics of club culture.

2:00 – Embracing electronic music and DJ culture
10:22 – Philosophy of production
20:30 – Finding excitement and inspiration in live performance
28:37 – The changing politics of club culture

Swedish producer Peder Mannerfelt embraces the versatility of modern production and electronic music through both his collaborations and solo work. Beginning with bad approximations of funk and dreams of drum & bass during high school, Mannerfelt soon realized that the personal computer held more promise than a guitar. Beginning in 2009, he has applied this interest to the more experimental and abstract side of electronic music via Roll The Dice, his duo with Malcolm Pardon, and his own techno-minded alias the Subliminal Kid, as well as contributing production to Fever Ray’s debut album and 2017’s Plunge. Today Mannerfelt runs his own label, exploring contemporary techno, and regularly DJs and performs live.

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