Ultimate 80s Power over 9000 Training Montage Compilation Songs!!!

Paul Hertzog – The Eagle Lands
Joe Toronto – Stand On Your Own
John Farnham – Break the Ice
John Farnham – Thunder In Your Heart
Journey – Separate Ways
Dakota – Run Away
Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
Stan Bush – You’ve Got The Touch
Stan Bush – Dare
Kevin Chalfant – Hold On The Vision In Your Eyes
Journey – Be good to yourself
Touch – Sweetest Victory
Dwight Twilley – Keep On Working
Loverboy – Working For The Weekend
King Kobra – Iron Eagle
Michael Sembello – What You Really Want
Sammy Hagar – Winner Takes It all
Paul Engemann – Push it to the limit
Tim Feehan – Where is the Fire
John Parr – Restless heart

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